Nino is For Maou, NOT Mao

I'm sorry, but one episode of HnA with Nino being a BIT touchy with Inoue Mao can't compare even at the slightest to 10 years of Nino practically gluing himself to Ohno Satoshi.

NINO + MAOU = PLEASE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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arashi, no personal space


I wanted it to be 10, but there's no time. I had other plans for their anniversary, but in the end I ended up just making 2 more wallpapers (I made the first three a long time ago, hehehe).

Since I really love this photoshoot~ <3 <3 <3

For those with a lot of desktop icons~~ xDDDDDD

This was when I wanted to marry Arashi so badly~ :))))))))))

This is the wallpaper that answers the question, "What is Arashi?"

1Oth Anniversary Wallpaper~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I don't know whom to credit the rest but credits to shokim for the 5x10 pamphlet scans~~ <3

<3 <3 <3
<3 <3


Because I promised varziel I would answer it~ <3

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
7 stuffed toys at my right and 5 more to my left. Yeah, I'm a freak. <3 <3 <3

Have you ever lied to a get out of work?
Work in the Student Council, yes. Work for school, ALWAYS. :)))))))))))

What kind of books do you read?
Anything. Just not the super cheesy/romantic and shallow ones. I like getting confused and frustrated when I'm reading. xDDDDDD And of course, i read manga~ :3

What are some goals you would like to achieve in the next ten years?
Work and stay in Japan forever, be with Ohno Satoshi (this is a goal, not a dream, HAHAHA)

What's really creepy?
COCKROACHES. SERIOUSLY WHY DO THEY EXIST. [I didn't erase varziel's answer because I feel the exact same way, LOLZ!!!!]

Who is your celebrity crush?
Ohno Satoshi baby loves cherry pie marshmallow sauce~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Arashi, Ohno Satoshi, Ohmiya, Arashi x Arashi, OhnoxChinenVSNino <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

What song gets stuck in your head most often?
Arashi's "Believe." I don't know why it's just in my brain forever.

What's your favorite food that you eat over and over again and not get bored of?
I think...spaghtetti. I love spaghetti, and I don't think I've ever gotten sick of it. :)))))))))))

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Livejournal (the lifeblood of my fangirlhood), Yahoo (for mail), Google (Japanese stuff), Youtube

What was the last thing you bought?
Double cheeseburger meal and caramel sundae in McDonald's. :)))))))))))

What talent (which you think you don't possess) do you wish to have?
Erm...Talent...I don't know! xDDDDDD None, I guess. I'm quite satisfied with what I know right now. Although, it'll be nice to be better at dancing somehow. :D

What super power would you like to have?
Flying. So I don't have to commute two hours a day and so I can travel around the world without paying for anything. xDDDDDD

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn another language?
Yes, that's why I'm doing my best right now in Japanese!

5 things you can't live without:
My five senses. If I didn't have even one of them, I'd be devastated.

If you could meet anyone now, who would you meet?

What's your dream job?
I'm not sure even at this point in time, but something that isn't stiff or repetitive.

What are you looking forward to?
Right now? The interview results of that Japan scholarship I applied for. Urgh. It hurts to wait. :((

Say something to the person who tagged you:
I want Ohmiya dolls, too!!!!! <3 <3 <3 :)))))))))

I don't know who to tag, haha! Just, yeah, go (what????).


I have an enlarged lymph node behind my left ear. It hurts especially when I'm sleeping even if the pillow I'm using is soft. Because it might be something dangerous, I've begun writing my last will and testament. Seriously.

I've also been feeling some sort of fatigue. Like yesterday or the other day, I can't remember, I was chatting with yammiedoo and my head just started spinning like crazy. I didn't tell her or anything but yeah, I had to lean back on the chair because I felt the energy drain out of me all of a sudden. It was so weird.



I will do my best to finish reading the manga of Aiba's drama, "My Girl." <3 <3 <3
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cuddle nino


Before the guests come out...
One of them is a kouhai that has a connection with Ohno-san
MATSUMOTO: Is it safe to say that it's only Ohno-san?
AIBA: [to Ohno] Isn't it one of the kouhais from the same home area?

Initial talk...
SHO: He has Chinen-kun's purikura on his cellphone.
NINO: It's a sticker isn't it.
MATSUMOTO: It's a sticker, a sticker.
OHNO: Chinen-kun is very stubborn.
NINO: Chinen, it's not you!
OHNO: When I take it out of the pocket the cellphone cover, it won't come unstuck at all!

Two types of Johnny's...
The types who are able to do backflips
The types who can't do backflips

Before "Jumping Shooter" game...
Chinen-kun, are you feeling confident?

CHINEN: No but, I will aim for Aiba-kun relentlessly!!

After "Rolling Coin Tower" and Arashi's loss...
NINO: *sulks by himself and trying to cover his face in shame*
OHNO: Nino! Don't feel down!
NINO: ........
OHNO: It's not something to be worried about!
NINO: ..............
OHNO: This program is made up of everyone.

During Ohno's turn in "Falling Pipes" game...
Well then, Chinen-kun, the Ohno-kun you've yearned for is now considerably being overtaken.
CHINEN: I also want Ohno-kun to do his best, but for the sake of our team's victory I have no choice!
OHNO: Please make it 1 and 2.
MATSUMOTO: It's a cowardly senpai...
AIBA: Leader, you have to remember that you can't trust Chinen-kun.
OHNO: If it's not 1 and 2...I will delete Chinen-kun's address.
CHINEN: *laughs at first but is a bit saddened nonetheless*

After Ohno catches the pipes...
NINO: This applause, everyone's doing it for Chinen-kun.

During Chinen's turn in "Falling Pipes" game...
How're you feeling right now?

CHINEN: I can say that Ninomiya-kun is the best as an opponent but it's a bit...
NINO: Why? Is it because of Leader?
CHINEN: No, it's because Ninomiya-kun has the image of being sly...

AIBA: You can catch it if you lie down. Really.
CHINEN: I wonder if it's okay to believe anything that Aiba-kun says...
MATSUMOTO: [to Ohno] Okay, okay, say the same thing.
OHNO: You'll be able to catch it if you're lying down!
CHINEN: *lies down immediately*

Nino's distraction tactics for Chinen...
NINO: Hey, isn't it that you like Leader?
CHINEN: I love him!
NINO: Name 3 things that you ever love about him.!
CHINEN: He's cool! He's cute! He's great at dancing!
NINO: Which of those three do you love most?
*pipes fall*

During the after talk...
SHO: Chinen-chan, do you still like Ohno-kun?
CHINEN: I love him.
OHNO: Thank goodness~

OHNO: About that "I will erase your address," I seriously apologize.

First of all, uuuuwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This is, like, the greatest episode ever. I mean, it has my effing DREAM in it. <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I was expecting a lot of OhChi moments but that OhMiya one??? And that NinoVSChinen one??? Ohemgeeeeeeeeee.

I 've watched it 5 times already. I hope you do, too. <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Slowly Becoming Discouraged.................................. keep translating stuff. >_____________>

I mean, I dunno, I feel guilty when someone points out my mistakes. It's fine that people notice it but it makes me feel guilty, because other people are reading those translations and I mislead them like crazy. I don't want to get someone to edit my stuff coz it would mean I'M not doing all the work, which is the point of the project. It's personal, goddammit.

Perhaps I should rethink this whole thing.
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If I Could Compile Arashi's Decade-versary Album....

...this would be the playlist!!!! xDDDDDD

Lucky Man
Tomadoi Nagara
Te Tsunagou
Cry for You
One Love
Be With You
Yasashikute Sukoshi Baka
Sakura Sake
Hey Hey Lovin' You
Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki
Step and Go
La Tormenta
Pika.nchi Double
Kaze no Muko e
Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa
Step and Go
Right Back to You
Beautiful Days

Am I correct? That's 30 songs in total? UGH. It's just, I got depressed when I didn't see some of my most beloved Arashi songs in their decade-versary album. I mean, JAM is like pure genius and Right Back to You is the definition of sex/sexy/sexiness. *drooldroolDROOL* Hahaha or this could just be me being biased towards Aiba and his blending powers. *drooldroolDROOL*

Ah, but I still left out a LOT. Like Koe and Hadashi no Mirai and Ashita no Kioku and Love Situation and...and...

This is painful.

Conclusion: I WANT A COMPILATION OF EVERY ARASHI SONG THAT EVER CAME INTO EXISTENCE, including solos and concert-only songs. :))))))))))

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Better Learn to Drive, Girls (and Boys, LOL)

What if you went on a driving date?
A. 自分で運転します!
I'll do the driving myself!

B. 彼女に運転してもらうのっていいかも~
I'll let the gilrfriend do the driving and I'll gladly take the passenger seat~

<<二宮和也 - B>>運転したいって言えば任せるよ。そのほうがシチュエーションが多くなるからね。だってさ、ドライブデートそのものはストイックなデートだと思わない?運転してるだけだもん(笑)。その目的がよくわからない。好きなデートは...家デート。彼女が映画が見たいと言えば行くけどね。
Ninomiya Kazunari - B
Generally speaking, I like entrusting the driving to someone else. It's because the situation is usually better that way. But you know, if that driving date became a stoic date, wouldn't it be unsatisfactory? Especially if it's because of the driving itself (laughs). I really don't know the purpose of that. The date that I like would be...a date at home. But if the girlfriend wants to see a movie then I'll go with her.

<<櫻井翔 - A>>Aだけど、免許を特っている彼女のほうがもろもろ助かる。眠くなったりしたら運転を代わってもらえるしね。そういうフレキシブルな行動ができるといいな。別に絶対に免許を特っていてほしいとも思わないけど。あと、オレが運転中、彼女が助手席で寝てるのってイヤじゃなくて、むしろ好きかも(笑)。
Sakurai Sho - A
I choose A, but it would better if the girlfriend had a license and would help me out. If I become sleepy then I'll let her replace me. I find that sort of flexible behavior a good thing. If the person I'm with has a license there'd be nothing particularly special about it, but I wouldn't expect it. Then if while I'm driving and the girlfriend falls asleep on the passenger seat, I'll like it instead of thinking it's unpleasant (laughs).

<<松本潤 - B>>車も運転も好きだから自分で運転するだろうけど、彼女がしたいって言えばそれもいいし、こだわるない。かのじょが運転席でオレが助手席でも問題ないよ。そのときの気分によってBGMも違ってくると思うけど、オレの車はスピーカーにMP3もつなげるし、ハードにもたくさん曲も聴けるよ。
Matsumoto Jun - B
I guess I can do the driving myself since I like cars and driving, but if the girlfriend says that she wants to do it then that's fine as well, it's nothing to fuss about. It's also not a problem if she's in the driver's seat and I'm in the passenger's seat. I think that the feeling at that time can also differ because of the BGM [background music], and even though I don't play MP3 in my car's speakers, it won't be difficult to convince me to listen to a lot of music.

<<大野智 - B>>自分が運転をしたいけど免許を特ってないから、彼女にしてもらう(笑)。免許があったら便利だろうなって思うけど、免許を取りたいってまだ思わない。別に彼女が運転してて横に蓙ってることも恥ずかしくないよ...だって、免許ないもん(笑)。もし、免許を特っていたら運転を代わったりしてもいいよ。
Ohno Satoshi - B
I'd like to do the driving but because I don't have a license in particular, the girlfriend can do it (laughs). Having a license would probably be convenient but I don't expect to get one anytime soon. It's not really embarrassing for me if the girlfriend is driving and sitting across me...because I don't have a license (laughs). Supposing I did have a license, it will be good to have my turn in driving.

<<相葉雅紀 - A>>...(時問をかけて考え)僕がハンドルを握ります。少し遠くまでのドライブになったとして、運転を交代できなくても問題ないよ。ただし、目的地で彼女が運転したいと言えば運転してもいいし、助手席に蓙るのもテレはない。状況次第で代わったりしてもいいね。彼女が運転免許を特ってる、特ってないもこだわりはないよ。
Aiba Masaki - A
(It took a while for him to think) I'll be the one to handle it. May it be for a short or even for a long distance, it's not a problem even if there's no shift in driving for a while. However, if we arrive and she says that she wants to drive then it's alright, and I'll be in the passenger seat without feeling awkward. It's also good if we exchange depending on the circumstances. Whether or not the girlfriend has a driver's license is no trouble at all.

This kinda melted my brain, which I drank back in my skull. Coz in both my sources, it translated to "mat" or "matting." and I'm like, WHY THE HELL WOULD ARASHI TALK ABOUT EFFING MATS IN DRIVING? I thought it was the flooring of the car, but anyway I just made a personal assumption of what it meant because it won't make sense if left alone. So, yeah, one inaccuracy revealed. :)))))))))

By the way, because I'm slowly getting addicted to this love-hate relationship with translating, I thought of an ultimate project that I will have to prepare for. I'm kinda hyped about it even if it requires hella lotsa useless work (yes, useless, and you'll know why hahaha). Eeeee. <3 <3 <3
I'm just gathering the materials for it and then whoosh! I'll be off to start it. xDDDD

Arashi Likes Avoiding A(H1N1) xDDDDDD

Which one would be good during the date?
A. 手をつなぎたい <3
I want us to hold hands. <3

B. 腕を組みたい <3
I want us to link arms. <3

<<二宮和也 - B>>迷うね~。たぶん、手をつないだらその手は離したくなきくなっちゃうよね(笑)。でも、手ってなにかと使うでしょ?財布を出すとか、ケータイを使うとか。そうなると、手を離すことになるから、だったら腕を組むほうがいいかなって。"せっかく手をつないでいるのにケータイ?"とか思われたくないし(笑)。
Ninomiya Kazunari - B
This is a bit confusing~. Probably, if we're not holding hands then it's because I ended up asking if we could separate (laughs). But, wouldn't she need her hands in one way or another? Like when she takes out her purse, or when she uses her cellphone. So then since our hands will be separated, I'm guessing that it would be better to link our arms instead. "Wouldn't it be great trouble to hold hands if there's a cellphone?" is how it would seem (laughs).

<<櫻井翔 - A>>どっちもあまり好きじゃない。腕を組んでいるカップルを見て、 "よく普通に歩けるな"って思う。だって、2人羽織みたいなもんでしょ(笑)。歩調も歩幅も違うのに。そう考えるとAかな。...ていうか、Q.2に出てきたようなイチャイチャしたがる彼女を、こうやってじゃけんにしてたらすぐ破局しそうたね(笑)。
Sakurai Sho - A
I don't like either very much. When I see couples who are linking arms, "It must be normal for them to walk like that often," is what I'd think. Also, they look like a 2-person haori [Japanese formal coat] (laughs). On the other hand, pacing and steps can differ. When I really think about, I guess it'll have to be A. ...As I said in question 2 about the flirting girlfriend, if she does it in that same manner then it'll be a catastrophe right away (laughs).

<<松本潤 - B>>これもどっちもあり。...いや、よくよく考えたら手をつなぐってちょっと恥ずかしいから、やっぱりB。たとえば、芝居で手をつなぐのは全然恥ずかしくないけど、自身のこととなると、想像できないし照れちゃうよね。小学生が腕を組んで歩いてるのとかはかわいいよね。ピュアでいいなあって。
Matsumoto Jun - B
This is excessive, too. ...Well, when I really think about it holding hands is a bit embarrassing so of course I'll go with B. For example, it's totally not embarrassing to hold hands in a play or drama, but if it's just the two of us I guess I'll end up being shy the entire time. Grade school students who walk arm-in-arm are cute though. It's nice because it's pure.

<<大野智 - A>>なんとなく腕を組むよりは手をつなぐほうがいいかなと思っただけ。オイラが子供のころ、腕を組んでいるカップルを見て、大人だなって思ってたけど、今はそうは思わない。まあどっちにしろ、これも自然体でいいんじゃないの?別に男からとか女からとか決めずに、自然な感じで手をつなぐとか、腕を組めば。
Ohno Satoshi - A
For some reason I thought before that linking arms was much better than holding hands. When we were young and we saw couples arm-in-arm, we would think that they were becoming adults, but now I don't think that way anymore. Well, as to which I'm most likely to do, isn't spontaneity good, too? Guys and girls don't have a particular rule about it, and a spontaneous feeling can be taken from both holding hands and linking arms.

<<相葉雅紀 - or>>たとえば、海辺を走る青春っぽい感じとか、信号が変わりそうな場合なんかは、手をつないでエスコート。で、普段は腕を組もうかな。思うんだけど、この行為はどちらかといえば女のコ主導で男って受け身じじゃない?だから、シチュエーション次第で女のコに合わせるようにします(笑)。
Aiba Masaki - or
For example, in situations like when young people are running along the seashore, or once the traffic lights have changed, you hold hands to escort someone. Then, I think linking arms is ordinary. That's what I think but when it comes to these two acts, isn't it that the guys don't have to do anything because the girls are usually the ones to take the initiative? Therefore, the situation will gradually be the opposite where it's the girl does things (laughs).

Personally, I think holding hands is better. But, the act of gently tugging on the bottom of the other person's shirt while walking is a very cute image, too. What am I saying here, it's not even in the choices. :)))))))))

OhohOH!!! And I managed to understand like half of Ohno's answer after I had the kanji down. I mean the actual translation of things takes a long time, but Ohno's simple way of speaking is the best for people like me. *cough*slowpoke*cough* <3 <3 <3
Nino's, on the other hand, gave me a headache. Damn the lack of required subjects in Japanese sentences...!!!! >_________< And Aiba's analysis on holding hands was unexpected. :))))))))) <3

Hohoho Number Two :D

I lost count but definitely, this took a short time which means...
My kanji detection is improving!!! :)))))))) But once again, I had a hard time looking for "tsuri." Damn it. Why can't I remember it every time?? >_________< I should have it tattooed on my wrist or something. :))))))))))

What kind of girl is better?
A. デート中、人前でもイチャイチャしたがある彼女
In the middle of the date, a girlfriend who will flirt with me in public

B. デート中、別行動しちゃうくらいサバサバした彼女
In the middle of the date, a girlfriend who has exceptional behavior but is at least open

<<二宮和也 - B>>理由は消去法。ほかのカップルを見てる分にはAで、いろいろツッコミやすいけど、自分に置き換えるとB。自分にはツッコめないからなあ(笑)。まあ、彼女を束縛も拘束もしないほうだから、自分にしてていいよ。別行動して違う男性と会ったいたとかたったら驚くけど、別行動くらい問題ないんじゃないの?
Ninomiya Kazunari - B
The reason is elimination. Other couples may find it easy to be seen jumping into various things but I'd rather go with B. It's because I'm really not the type who jumps into things (laughs). Well, I won't have restrictions for my girlfriend so she can do anything she wants with me. If she behaves well when meeting a different guy I would, among other things, be surprised, but shouldn't that be the least of my problems?

<<櫻井翔 - B>>外でイチャイチャなんて絶対 にダメ!でも、別行動も寂しいような...。だって映画デートで別々の映画館に入るようなもんでしょ(笑)。もし、見たい映画が分かれたら、一応は彼女の好みに合わせると思うよ。興味がなかった映画でも案外、おもしろかったりするケースもあるからね
Sakurai Sho - B
Flirting outside is absolutely no good! But even having good behavior seems lonely... Because in a movie date, it's as though you go in as individuals as well (laughs). If the boyfriend wants to see part of the movie, I think that he will have to initially go with what's to his girlfriend's liking. There might be no interest in the movie but unexpectedly, that's because it's an amusing case.

<<松本閏 - A or B>>難しい選択だなあ。言わせてもらえば中問、両方ありにしておこうかな。あのさ、このイチャチャの彼合いはどれくらいなんてすか?(笑)結局、時と揚所-状況によるってことだよね。そこはマナーでしょ。友達みんなで会ってるときに友達カップルがイチャチャしてたら、即、ツッコむけどね。
Matsumoto Jun - A or B
These are rather difficult choices. Both answers to the question somehow involve scandalous conduct. You know, what would a boyfriend who's a flirting accomplice be like? (laughs) After all, the time and place to do such things will be based on the circumstances. It probably depends on the manner. Namely whenever friends meet and a couple of them start to flirt with each other, they will only be interfering.

<<大野智 - B>>別に人前でイチャイチャしてもいいんだけど、それはそれで、別行動もできる人がいい。お互いに少しの時間、自由な買い物をするのもありだと思うし(スタッフから "自分が釣り具を見たいんじゃないてすか?" とツッコミ)。...そんなこともないけど(笑)、彼女が別行動したいならいいよって。
Ohno Satoshi - B
Flirting particularly in public is fine, however, a person who has exceptional behavior is also good. When there is a bit of mutual free time, I think if it pleases her then we can go shopping (a staff interrupted with, "Wouldn't you want to see fishing tools by yourself?"). ...It's not really that but (laughs), if that's the case then therefore a girlfriend with good behavior would be nice.

<<相葉雅紀 - or>>すごい両極端だなあ。そんな人前でイチャイチャされても困るし、あんまりサバサバもねえ?じゃあ、その中間にする(笑)。別にイチャイチャされるのがどうのっていうよりも、ある程度の常識はわきまえてほしいと思うよね。かといって、デートで別行動だったら、デートの意味ないんじゃないの?
Aiba Masaki - or
There are terribly extreme ends. The idea of flirting in public is disturbing, and even openness is a bit too much, right? So then, I'm going for that one in the middle (laughs). I can't really say anything about how I feel about flirting but I think that there should be some degree of common sense in liking it. If I have to approve of one, it would have to be the date where good behavior is shown because wouldn't the date's meaningfulness be preserved that way?

I don't know if it's because I translated it incorrectly or something, but is that Jun mentioning OhMiya ever so subtly? :))))))))) If it is, then Jun, please don't be so effing jealous. xDDDDDD