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OhMiya Rant 001

I honestly want to make a community that will compile ALL OhMiya moments, much like the one that's in Blogspot but minus the fanart/fanfiction and the like, but I don't know where to find people who'll take time to watch as much Arashi videos as possible, spot and screencap all the OhMiya love, and make a journal about it. Ugh. I'm not giving up on it though.

For the meantime, I will start with this personal OhMiya rant. It was unintentionally recommended by an LJ user as well, I think, and what the hell nobody's spazzed about this particular OhMiya goodness before (see, that's why I want that community so badly).

And so, I present to you Episode#23 of VS Arashi. :)
Translations are loose and amateur so correct me if I'm wrong. xDDDDD

Mygoodness are their shirts the same style or what? xDDDDD Same neckline shape, same sleeve length, same white patch thingy on said sleeve... I've seen in that OhMiya Blogspot page (I believe it's called "Himitsu," teehee) that Ohno and Nino have worn the same thing before. Ugu. Oh, and matching sexy collarbones. More ugu.

So one of the guests was a REALLY tall guy, and when I say tall I mean possibly twice Ohno's size. :)))))) I think he was Korean coz they made Ohno greet him first and Ohno apparently knows how to greet people in Korean. xDDDDD Correct me if I'm wrong, okay? :3 So yeah. Of course, Ohno was a bit cautious coz the guy was towering, but Jun pushed him towards the guest anyway.

Before he was able to greet the gentle giant, though, Ohno backed away. He was really amazed (like everyone else). What's more amazing, though, is how Nino practically looked at Ohno like he's some piece of perfectly-grilled meat when he backed up. Note the lip biting and about-to-be-open arms. <3 <3 <3

"Gotcha!" said Nino but not really.
Nino is also fond of fishing, except he only likes catching Ohno Fish. <3

And no, that is not Nino moving Ohno away from the giant. That's Nino showing everyone just who the hell owns who. Take note of Aiba's "Yeah, yeah, we know already, geez" look. :)))))))

Sorry about the hearts, but this was one of my most flailed moments in this episode. xDDDDDD I mean just look at Ohno's expression. It must have something to do with those under-eye circles he was sporting but my goodness, what a loving look this was. =^______^=

I pretty much choked on air when I spotted this bit because it's beyond kawaii comprehension. Whatever Ohno's doing it's hella cute. Too bad Nino doesn't notice. Does Oh-chan want some attention from his owner, hmm? :)))))))) <3 <3 <3 <3

Okay, okay. A little break from the OhMiya. So the Sakuraiba pair participate in one of the games, and guess who makes fun of Sho? :3

Nino, Nino, Nino. Turning nice little Ohno into a sadist who imitates people after they've put so much effort into something. Brilliant. xDDDDD But anyway, Ohno couldn't look happier being turned into a DoS so go right ahead. :)))))))) <3 <3
So the next game was "Falling Pipe Catch." Nino was up first for Arashi team.

No OhMiya here, but Nino biting his lip will be the death of me. <3 <3 <3
So how do you distract a magic enthusiast? Ask him if he has cards at the moment, apparently, and hope that the thought of doing a magic trick with them will do the, erm, trick. xDDDDD

Fortunately, Nino doesn't have his cards. He even pats his pockets to prove it. And so...

...Success! :D :D
But wait a sec. IMPOSSIBLE. it's definitely impossible for Nino not to be carrying cards, right?

I think the guest is saying here that he saw cards being placed in Nino's pocket, that's why he asked Nino about it.

"Aaahhh...!!!!" Nino puts everything together, and slowly creeps in another flailworthy OhMiya moment...

"The truth is..." Note that look of adoration he is directing towards none-other-than...

"...I'm the one who has the cards." revealed Ohno with an adorable smile. <3 <3 <3 Seriously, OhMiya collaborating in a magic trick is a beautiful thing. <3 <3 <3
IT MAKES YOU THINK THOUGH, doesn't it? The cards were supposedly seen by the guest to have been placed in Nino's pocket but it ended up in Ohno's...................GOSH. <3 <3 <3 <3

Yes, dear guest, you have just witnessed an OhMiya moment in the flesh. I hope you live the rest of your life in bliss. :))))))))

[It's Magic!] Ah gee-heeeezz. Could my ichiban be any prettier/sexier/hotter??? Uguuuuuu. ;________; Ohno is most definitely a magical epitome of perfection. <3 <3 <3

"By the way, why are things like this?"
Because it's LOVE, dammit. What kind of question is that? Really.
Ohno's saying, "Here're your cards, my beloved magician." :)))))))

"Thank you my angel, my beauty, my prince," says Nino with a proper bow.
"See?" Ohno asks the guest. "When I said in an interview that I thought Nino was a pet, i wasn't just playing around."
"Join the OhMiya fanclub already. I know I have and I don't regret it even though I heart Ohno-kun as the next Kazunari," said Jun.

That's just Ohno volunteering himself for the next turn after the rest of the members looked at him. :)))))))

So it turns out that Ohno and the gentle giant guest were born in the same year, and I think for that reason they made Ohno dance as well (the guest played before him and he danced as well xDDDDDD). Whyohwhy Ohno had to do it in a rather, err, frilly way cannot be explained here. :))))))) <3 <3 <3
Now comes the reason why everyone in Arashi practically FAWNS over their leader all the time. xDDDDDD
It's because even if he's the Leader, when he is told to do something he will most likely do it.
Even "choreograph a dance that will help you catch the falling pipes" is followed. :))))))

He was seriously choreographing and practicing that dance. :))))))) But then...

"I just humiliated myself there. Now what?"

"You get our undying love, respect, and affection, of course...but not before we laugh our asses off!!!!"
Awww. Arashi member love. Leader's complacent nature. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys lasted 40 years or more as a group (and I want them to). xDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Wohoah. My first LJ-cut. I hope it works. :)))))))) Thanks for the advice, Yamyam-chan. :3

And that's it for my first ever OhMiya Rant post! :D :D Tomorrow is the first day of school which sucks so much since I've gotten used to fangirling from 6AM to 11PM everyday (no kidding), but I've figured out how I can fangirl even in school. I just hope my plan works or I might die of fandom hunger and thirst. :))))))))
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