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Of Storyboards and the Boss Who Believes that Heechul is Gay (a.k.a. My First Day as an Intern)

I wake up at 6:30AM, leave at exactly 9AM, and arrive at the venue of my internship at around 10AM. It's a small but spacious (okay this doesn't make sense but I will take a picture of it soon) home studio with computers, artworks on the walls, a fat fluffy dog named Momo who barks at you the first second and nuzzles your hand the next ♥, cabinets of superhero action figures (which are also scattered everywhere else), and headphones (earphones just won't do for artists, LMAO, I'm kidding).

Random details first:

- I was there for 13 1/2 hours. 30 minutes was Q&A with the Boss, 1 hour was spent thinking of and writing down ideas for the newest music video of a popular local artist [Yeng Constantino], and the rest were spent making a friggin' commercial storyboard. Yeah, go figure, I don't even know how I lasted drawing for that long. T_____________T

- I had an awesome, awesome partner named Jillian. We made the storyboard together although she had already started it and she was the one who planned it with the Boss. She was basically the superhero and I was the sidekick, LMAO, which I loved because I'd rather assist than lead (not everyone's born a leader, LOLOLOL). Also, it's her character design so she had to do most of the drawing. I just did the backgrounds (my skills in perspective drawing were challenged the most, LMAO) and other non-human stuff, both pencilling and inking. Jillian and I have completely different styles of drawing people so yeah, I couldn't help her in that aspect. Sorry, Jill. >___>

- After the storyboard, I think I'll be assigned to something related to animation. I can't explain it properly, LMAO, but I have to make "puppets" which are separated parts of characters that will be used during animation. Basically, I have to chop up characters' body parts. ♥

- Free lunch, snack, and dinner (which was served roughly two hours after snacks, LOLOLOL). ♥

Okay. The best part: the Boss

- He is a small man who slightly beats me in hair length. My first impression of him is that he's friendly, has a good sense of humor, and oh my effing muffins, he updates himself with news of K-pop.

- First K-pop conversation...
BOSS: Which group do you like?
ZEBRA: Super Junior~.
BOSS: But they're gay, right?
ZEBRA: They are NOT!!!! (I was covering up my obsession with BL here, LMAO)
BOSS: What, you call Heechul a man?
ZEBRA: [Oh my fucking god he knows the truth about Heechul.] Y-yes! Why!?
BOSS: Well it's obvious that he's gay, c'mon. He looks like a woman. And Leeteuk? Leeteuk, is it? He also looks like a woman.
ZEBRA: [!!!!!!! He is so knowledgeable, I can't believe it. He knows that Leeteuk is SuJu's mother.] T-they're still guys...
BOSS: No they're not. Now 2PM, they're men. When they did that "Dirty Eyed Girls" parody, Taecyeon's manliness still showed and you know that he's just joking around.
ZEBRA: Well what about 2AM?
BOSS: They're also not men! Who's that guy?
ZEBRA: Jokwon.
BOSS: Yeah. He and Heechul, it's obvious what they really are.
ZEBRA: *silently agrees*

- Second K-pop conversation...
ZEBRA: *seated right beside the Boss* *inking something*
BOSS: Why don't you like girl groups?
ZEBRA: I dunno... Boy groups have cooler songs.
BOSS: Cooler? You're saying "Hangbok"--.
ZEBRA: It's "Haengbok"...
BOSS: --"Haengbok" is a cool song? SuJu just got it from another group--.
BOSS: Yeah, H.O.T.
- silence- 
BOSS: you fantasize about Super Junior naked?
BOSS: Don't pretend that you don't. You fantasize about all of them, don't you? You think about them being in the sauna or something.
ZEBRA: [Sorry but I have a much, much, much wider imagination that that. >:)] ...I don't fantasize about all of them...
BOSS: Who do you fantasize about then? Heechul?
ZEBRA: Do you even know all of them?
BOSS: C'mon, who?
ZEBRA: Uh...Eunhyuk.
BOSS: .......Eunhyuk.......
ZEBRA: And Donghae.
BOSS: *smiles* Ah, I know Donghae.
ZEBRA: [Is he a Donghae fanboy?! =)))))))))))))))]

- Random stuff 1...
BOSS: *pops out of the door between the studio and the main house* Hey c'mon, person who lusts after Super Junior. Dinner time.

- Random stuff 2...
BOSS: Hey since you like gays so much, I know a place where there're a lot of call boys. You can pay 2 of them to do it in front of you.

Right now I am soooooooo tired. Jillian and I still have to color the storyboard but we were told to come in at 5PM. I can sleep until 8, thank goodness. xDDDDDD Overall it was fun, filling (coz there was a lot of food), and challenging. I need 120 internship hours so.....I think it won't be too long before I reach that number. =)))))))))))
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