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Fan Fiction Masterlist

ALL of these are f-locked. New posts are f-locked after one week. When a new chapter to a multi-chaptered story is posted, the chapter before it is made public. ♥


You Own Me [HaeHyuk // Rated R]
“I hear your voice and I hear his cries, I see you and I see him dying in my arms. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’VE DONE?”
01 - The Switch
02 - Irreversible Circumstances
03 - Pushing and Pulling
04 - Failure to Suppress
05 - Breaking Promises, Part I
06 - Breaking Promises, Part II
07 - Falling Without Gravity
08 - The Past in the Present
09 - Mutual Pain
010 - Tugging on Invisible Strings
011 - Blackened Hearts
012 - Puppets and Dolls
013 - Our Deterioration

Psychotic. Intense. Merciless. [EunHae // Rated NC-17] <ON HIATUS>
“Forgive me, Donghae, but I've sought after you for far too long to hold myself back now,”
ONE - Desiring All Too Much
TWO - Boyish Kisses and Teenage Thrills
THREE - Entwinement

Je Ne Sais Quois [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated R]
Chapitre Un

A Torrent of Roses [EunHae // Rated R]

Paradox [EunHae // Rated R] <UNRELEASED>
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten


I Love You More [EunHae // Rated R]
A couple of seconds pass and it's either I'm kissing you or you're kissing me. They're not the same, you had told me once.

Dandelion Florets [HaeHyuk // Rated PG-13]
“Why me? WHY ONLY ME?”

Cry [HaeHyuk // Rated PG]
Of all the poses in the world, he had to do that one, the cutest one, the most honest one.

Holding On [EunHae // Rated G]
At that very moment, Eunhyuk is sure that one of Donghae’s ancestors must have been a dog—only a dog can make that cute of a face.

Quicksand in the Dark[HaeHyuk // Rated NC-17]
With what he’s done, there’s only hell for him waiting.

Footsteps [HaeHyuk // Rated NC-17]
Freshman year is all hi’s and hello’s and have you eaten’s that don’t equate to actual invitation.

Give Up [KyuChul // Rated PG-13]
“We both know you’re the one who can read me the fastest,”

06 April 2011 [EunHae // Rated PG-13]
He sighs and takes another swig of Coke, swallowing large gulps of the black liquid that will probably turn his insides into mush if taken in large amounts but it’s not like he can bring himself to care.

MagkaiBIgan o MagKAibigan? [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated PG-13]
}Sadyang gan’on lang siguro tayo—dalawang magkasundong nilalang na tinadhanang magkakilala at magkasama sa habang panahon.

Thank You [EunTeuk // Rated G]
"They’re somewhere else right now, I know, but a leader fails only when he starts thinking about himself, when he does things for his personal good and you..."

Cake [HaeHyuk/EunHae // Rated NC-17]
It's pushing then pulling, hurt then comfort, hate then love...or obsession.

With _ _ _ _ Wide Open [HaeHyuk // Rated NC-17]
Kiss me gently, romantically, sexually, then lose all your inhibitions and eat me.

Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated PG]
Each day a promise is fulfilled, a wrong made a right, a meaningless gesture turned a priceless treasure.

Plot-less and Pointless: The Marriage of a Fanfic and a Rant [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated G]
Donghae tries to be happy, tries to look as if it were perfectly alright not to have a glimpse of even the back of Hyukjae’s head or catch what’s left of his laughter when Kyuhyun says a joke, but he finds that he isn’t very good at it.

Desaturated Color Wheel [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated R]
Hypodermic passes through epidermis, dermis, subcutis, and finally meets median cubital.

Grasping the Lyrics of a Whispered Song [JunSeob // Rated PG]
Though his brain is still too sleepy to form proper thoughts, he figures he does not need to think now and just feel—feel the warmth, softness, and smoothness under his fingertips.

Fact in Fan Fiction [JunSeob // Rated PG-13]
His everyday thoughts consisted of only five things: lyrics, Twitter, Yoseob, Beast, and…Yoseob.

We Got What? [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated G]
"In exchange for one person's love, we get hundreds of thousands of other people's love,"


The Tiny, Tiny Things [EunHae // Rated PG-13]
First Sequel to "Holding On"
“Admit that you’re lonely and I’ll sleep beside you from now on,”

Korean Drabbles

Untitled [EunHae/HaeHyuk // Rated G]

Don't Call Me [HaeHyuk // Rated PG]

If it doesn't have a link, it's still in the works and therefore unpublished.
Tags: beast, fan fiction, super junior

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