September 23rd, 2009

hotness ohmiya


So I translate stuff, right?
Japanese to English and all.

I'm actually planning on translating "5x10" to Filipino, although the start is already very, very weird. :))))))))))))

But the thing is, I realized
that Filipino is a fucked up language. :)))))))))))
I'm not insulting my mother tongue, for crying out loud,
but it's just.....insane.

Basically the sentence structure is very similar to English.
The dog is barking. = Ang aso ay tumatahol.
(Amazingly, every word in those two sentences perfectly fit together HAHAHA)


to say "Ang aso ay tumatahol," is actually not that natural-sounding.
It's better to say, "Tumatahol ang aso."
Translated per word in the same order, that's "Barking a dog."
WTF. The verb comes first. I never really took notice of that before.
I mean, is there any other language that puts the verbs first before anything else?

So weird.

Not all sentences are like that but yeah, when I think about it, around 80-90% of conversations end up in that structure.

LOLZ. It's rather amusing.
And to think that I've been speaking it for more than 20 years. :))))))))))))

And on a slightly different note, translating from Japanese to Filipino is actually easier.
Japanese and English have a HUGE gap,
while a lot of parts regarding the Japanese language directly correspond to parts of the Filipino language.

Although, English translations sound so much better.
For example, in "5x10,"
the line, "Kyasha na gonin de norikomu yureru fune,"
in English it's, "The rocking boat that we five scrawny boys boarded together,"
and in Filipino it's, "Ang umaagoy na barkong sinakyan nating limang mapapayat na lalaki."


Seriously, the term 'scrawny' can't be translated into anything else
except the Filipino term for 'thin.'
It sounds weeeeiiirrrdddd. I'm telling you, it sounds REALLY weird. :)))))))))))))

HAHAHA I'm not even sure if I translated that correctly. Ah well. xDDDDDDD
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