June 15th, 2009

OhMiya Rant 001

I honestly want to make a community that will compile ALL OhMiya moments, much like the one that's in Blogspot but minus the fanart/fanfiction and the like, but I don't know where to find people who'll take time to watch as much Arashi videos as possible, spot and screencap all the OhMiya love, and make a journal about it. Ugh. I'm not giving up on it though.

For the meantime, I will start with this personal OhMiya rant. It was unintentionally recommended by an LJ user as well, I think, and what the hell nobody's spazzed about this particular OhMiya goodness before (see, that's why I want that community so badly).

And so, I present to you Episode#23 of VS Arashi. :)
Translations are loose and amateur so correct me if I'm wrong. xDDDDD
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Wohoah. My first LJ-cut. I hope it works. :)))))))) Thanks for the advice, Yamyam-chan. :3

And that's it for my first ever OhMiya Rant post! :D :D Tomorrow is the first day of school which sucks so much since I've gotten used to fangirling from 6AM to 11PM everyday (no kidding), but I've figured out how I can fangirl even in school. I just hope my plan works or I might die of fandom hunger and thirst. :))))))))