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Super Show 3 Fan Report [14August2010]

I copied this from my Tumblr. ^^


I don’t know if someone’s already posted something like this but these were my personal observations. WARNING: it’s Eunhyuk and EunHae-biased. ^^

Songs that were performed (not in order, and these are only as far as my memory can handle):

» Sorry Sorry - They added some more steps to the song which was waaaayyyy cool.

» Don’t Don - There was no EunHae fight at all. I was even expecting it. :( Still, the performance was beyond amazing.

» No Other - Sungmin and Leeteuk went up the air with blue balloons and scattered white confetti in the concert area. :D <3 <3 <3

» Happiness

» U

» Bonamana

» Rokkugo - There was a funny video about Super Junior T members going against Shindong who happens to be an enemy who can turn anything into food and thus consume it. Donghae joined SJT in the performance, which made it aaaawwwesoooommmeee. ^^

» Coagulation - KRY’s voices were PERFECT.

» Good Person

» Ryeowook solo - I don’t know the song,  but it was Sungmin who played the guitar for him. *^^*

» Siwon solo - I think it was a religious song that he sang, but anyway, it was okay. Siwon isn’t much of a singer anyway, but hey, he was hot. =))))))))

» Yesung solo - I don’t know the title but he sang the one that was used for a drama. His voice was great! And he had a lot of fans cheering for him in the end. :3

» Heechul solo - Sulli of f(x) was there. Err, I don’t know the song either but it was rap. :)

» Shindong solo - I can’t remember much about it but he showed off his dancing skills, of course. :DDDDD

» Super Girl (Korean version)

» Kyuhyun solo

» Dancing Out

» some song with “Tok Tok Tok” in the lyrics =)))))))

» Twins

» A Man in Love

» another trot song

» Sungmin dance - Believe it or not, Sungmin danced sexily, and with FOUR GIRLS. 0_o I believe he touched one of the girls’ chest—he was behind her and his hand started from her stomach and went up to her chest area. He didn’t grab it, thank goodness. The whole performance just shocked me. Until now I can’t believe that he had done such a performance. It was so…not him. He danced really well but you know, cute Sungmin totally went away during this performance. Oh, and his body was ROCKIN’. *________*

» Cooking Cooking - The introduction was a REALLY cute animated video about Super Junior being vegetables. However, they were ugly-looking vegetables so the baby in the video didn’t want to eat them. Therefore, Eunhyuk made them go through makeovers which made them yummy-looking to the kid so they were cooked and fed to the baby. In the performance, Super Junior came out as vegetables! :DDDDDD I can only remember that Eunhyuk was a bunch of bean sprouts (the costume still astounds me, LOL), Donghae was a large onion, Leeteuk was the lettuce, and Heechul was the red chili. They were all so cute, and although they were supposed to remove their costumes already, Leeteuk couldn’t because he had fallen to the ground and was just rolling around helplessly. =)))))))

» Poker Face - OMG this is half of my most favorite part of the whole concert. Lady Gaga and Beyonce were being shown in a video, and all of a sudden a blonde girl in a tight red dress and netted stockings came out, and as expected, it was Heechul. =)))))))) He lip synched to “Poker Face;” it was PRICELESS.

» Single Ladies - After Heechul’s performance was this one, and OMFG three members participated in this: Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae. They were all wearing wigs and were scantily clad in black dresses and stockings. Donghae’s dress rode up enough for his, well, merchandise to be seen. =))))))))) It was soooooo much fun. *^^*

» EunHae dance - I thought it was just going to be Eunhyuk that’s why I was annoyed that there was a girl involved, but Donghae came into the picture so I was extremely happy in the end. =)))))))) However, the girl managed to touch Eunhyuk’s butt. 0___________o She had his back to him and her hands went from his lower back to just above the back of his knees. Rawr. So then Donghae appeared and it turned out that he likes the girl, too, so he danced with her as well. In the near end, EunHae made a sandwich with the girl in the middle and she was trying to choose between them. EunHae then opened their shirts and OMFG their bodies were uuuunnnnffffff. *________________* I believe they added a girl to the dance to make things more subtle between them. =))))))))))

EunHae moments:

- A member (I forgot which one, sorry) decided to run into another’s arms and be carried. Donghae saw this and since he was far from Eunhyuk, all he had to do was open his arms wide and Eunhyuk immediately understood. Eunhyuk ran into Donghae’s arms and Donghae carried him for a few seconds while the both of them laughed.

- There was a part in the concert were members were spraying gas (don’t know which kind) towards each other and the audience as well. Donghae came out wearing an entire gas tank and started spraying people. Eunhyuk saw him and he made a gesture ordering Donghae to spray him. Donghae sprayed gas towards him until Eunhyuk couldn’t be seen anymore. =)))))))))

- They did a high-five in one of the songs.

- At one point Eunhyuk was with Sungmin in one area of the stage and they hugged. I saw Donghae looking at them with an unreadable expression on his face which I can only take for jealousy. *^^*

- During the sort of MC part of the show, Donghae said something that Eunhyuk questioned. Eunhyuk asked, “Really?” and Donghae said, “Really!” and they kept exchanging really’s with their voices getting and louder and they were slowly getting into each others’ face. Love quarrel~~. =))))))))

Other moments:

- Leeteuk carried Kyuhyun on his back. <3

- Siwon carried Donghae on his back.

- Shindong carried Sungmin and Ryewook on his back. =)))))))))

- There was a part where the members were pretending to play instruments, and they flashed a hologram of Kangin on the stage doing the same thing as though he was really there. During the performance, he was also shown saluting and walking away. A lot of people cried during this, including me. =’(((((((

- When they were introducing themselves in the beginning, Leeteuk was the last and he said something about the members who weren’t there. So, what he did was that he jumped to his left and said, “I’m Kangin,” “I’m Kibum,” and “I’m Hangeng.” So much loooovvveeee. *^^*

- They wore mostly formal clothes as opposed to casual ones like in SS2.

- The concert was rock-ish, especially since they had a guest rock band perform while they changed costumes and stuff. I think it was TRAX? I couldn’t tell.

- Unfornately, they did not perform “Marry U” and “Neorago.” >__________<

- Only Leeteuk had no solo performance. I wonder why.

- The members came out wearing different countries’ headdresses, probably to represent their international fans. They were so cute. ^^ They mentioned all the countries where they know have Super Junior fans, and Leeteuk said “Philippines” last which caused me to scream my lungs out. =))))))))

- Donghae cut his hair, resembling the style he had in the “Happiness” video. Siwon dyed his hair red, I think, and Heechul only had half of his bangs and his hair was shorter overall.

- There was a cool video with Leeteuk, Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, and Shindong where they’re all action stars. Yesung was unexpectedly VERY COOL. *______* But actually, all of them were cool. <3 <3 <3

- There was another video about fame and fortune wherein Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Heechul, and Ryeowook were in. It involved four of them in scenes where the paparazzi is after them and stuff, while Eunhyuk danced all throughout the video. They all fit their roles perfectly. :DDDDDD

- Some SNSD members came to watch.

- I think the audience was 50% Chinese, 40% Korean, and 10% other countries. xDDDDDD When Siwon spoke in Chinese there was a huge response from the crowd.

- This is just a personal observation, but the members who were perfectly flawless onstage without make-up and everything were Leeteuk, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Yesung, and Sungmin. <3 <3 <3 <3 <33333333

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