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I don't require you to send me a message or leave a comment ANYWHERE in my journal for me to add you so if you're going to add me in order to read my f-locked stories, please just click that "Add them as a friend" button at the top of the page and I will add you back as soon as I can. I am online almost everyday, don't worry. :) If I don't add you back within, let's say, a week or so, that's the only time that you should send me a message to give me a heads up, okay? Okay. ♥

Themagiczebra's Soft Subs Masterlist

This is my newfound, err, hobby? I have no idea how to sub and, honestly, I'm too lazy to learn (LOL) so I just resort to TYPING the translation. It's a bit difficult but it's fun, and it's a good way to practice Korean. Although...I have to repeat certain scenes up to TEN TIMES just to understand them. =))))))))))

The Search for the Sharp-Tongued Prince

Snow White and the SuJu Dwarves

I Don't Even Know What the Title Should Be

 Okay. I have to go somewhere right now, and yes I have read all the comments in my previous entry--thank you SO MUCH for answering. I will reply to ALL of them when I come back. =^^=

But people....PEOPLE! I'm writing this post because I want all of you to watch a movie that has, to say the least, forever tarnished my mind and soul. 0_________________o Now I know that it doesn't sound nice when I put it like that but trust me, IT IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY 21 YEARS OF LIVING. =)))))))))))))

The movie is called "Kokuhaku (Confessions)." It is about a teacher who gets revenge for the death of her young daughter. Yeah, yeah, that sentence isn't exactly shining shimmering splendid but...GUH the movie is SO MUCH MORE than that. Maybe some of you have seen it so to those who have yet to discover the beauty of this movie, please, please, PLEASE download the torrent from ISOHunt or wherever and BE PREPARED FOR THE RIDE OF YUR PRECIOUS LIFE. xDDDDDDDDD

Um, but I don't recommend watching it if you're already in a bad/depressed mood to begin with. THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, believe me.
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